Final fantasy XIV│The Wood

There are elementals in all sorts of things. Rocks, rivers, flowers. They are the unifying force of this entire forest.

聽著Miounne的指令來到了Stillglade Fane 為的是part in a purification rite,迎接而來的是美麗神秘的樹洞。
Miounne: You'll have to go to Stillglade Fane to see about the purifitication rite. The conjurers will see to it your woodsin is cleansed. That will get the greenwrath off of you.

Telent: I've been listening to these damn trees for more summers than you've seen. No one else can make sense of them, which I suppose is why they suffer me to stay.


Concessa: Each step I am forced to watch you take makes my stomach roil.

O-App-Pesi: I can't help but think that this might all have something to do with the forest's unrest as of late. There is a presence come to Eorzea―one with the power to change the world forever. And it will visit the wood soon.

Papalymo: (sigh) Pise, remember that talk we had about scruples? Now would be a great time to exhibit them.
O-App-Pesi: Hahaha, well, be that as it may, a cleansing is needed. Woodsin is not to be taken lightly─something you would do well to remember. I gather it is nigh time we hold the rites.

These children will be dancing together with me at the upcoming Small Harvest.
Forest-born all, so their steps are flawless. Just watch them for a bit and do my best to imitate them.


Powle: I'll even give you the "sweets" my parents promised me! All you have to do is take us to a certain the forest.

Sansa: When you're ready, meet us over at the White Wolf Gate. And hurry!

Powle: If you don't come, we'll tell Fufucha that your dancing is the worst, and you'll have to practice all by yourself!



Mummer: Please, seek out the younglings and bid them return. Would you have them attacked by beasts while off alone?



Fluffy Moogle: Hello, there. Did you see Fye happen this way, kupo?
Goodness gracious me! You can understand what I'm saying, kupo?

Sansa: To let them know that we will be holding the 小祭り soon, and asking them to please come, should they like.

接著在回到城市裡的Greatloam Growery(Botanists' Guild)就可繼續劇情了。