Japan Travel│Tokyo and Karuizawa trip

Lele must to live in pet hotel...
So I bought so many delicious food for it...

He became clingy when I went to pick it...

And I also bought its souvenir from Japan.
It really like this present because it always put this toy on its side.

It was the first experience when I take airplane reach the Tokyo International Airport.
It's big than Fukuoka airport.
Each large glass windows, so we could see each airports station.
地址:3-3-2 Hanedakuko, Ota, Tokyo 144-0041日本

The First station:小江戸川越 時の鐘
地址:日本〒350-0062 Saitama, Kawagoe, Motomachi, 1丁目15−8

Here is a fairly quaint streets.
Each house is very beautiful.

Tori said the Coedo beer was made in here.
But I just found ice cream in here...

The second station:輕井澤1130

地址:日本〒377-1402 Gunma, Agatsuma District, Tsumagoi, 鎌原鬼の泉水1453−2
Each hotel room is very big.
That's so different for other hotel.
But it's not clean for their hot spring because you can found so many hair in the pool...

WiFi server just in the hotel lobby, but some weak signal in a few rooms.

Lucky to see the television programs of  introduction Taiwan

The third  station:草津温泉 湯畑
地址:Kusatsu, 草津町 吾妻郡 Gunma 377-1711日本
This is a special place.

In here, you could see so many hot spring hotel.

In the center square, the special sulfur view would showed for you.
You could smell sulfur, and you could take off your shoes and feel the hot spring temperatures.

The Fourth Station:鬼押出し園
地址:1053 Kanbara, Tsumagoi, Agatsuma District, Gunma 377-1524日本

This is a place, where is about volcano legends. 

Some ghosts carving and huge shrine.

And the pray for happiness bell, or strangely shaped boulders.

The Fifth Station:白糸の滝 / Shiraito Falls
地址:日本 静岡県富士宮市上井出
Japan wild stream scene. 
The boulders are filtered water is quite clean. 
You can feel a little chilly when you walking around the trees and beside the stream.

The Sixth Station:輕井澤車站
This is not our schedule, but we want to see more another places,so we speed up to go.

Tokyo station are so crowds ...

The Seventh Station:Karuizawa Prince Shopping Plaza

This is a shopping plaza, and here also is a dog's heaven. The center plaza is a green grass.

 Gucci stores, it looks very artistic sense.
Haha..Japan's FIT!!! So colorful than Taiwan...
White,blue.red, green ,pink, gray and black!

The Eighth Station:旧軽井沢銀座通り
Small shopping place

The Ninth Station:野辺山駅 JR最高地点

This is the highest stations of Japan.

The Tenth Station:萌木の村

This is a small market.

There are many small handmade shops.

And a small wine cellar is also there.

The eleventh Station:八ヶ岳ロイヤルホテル

This is a hotel around eight mountains.

In here, we wore bathrobe together for ate dinner.

There is free cable internet in the room, you can overlooking the mountain on the top floor.

The Twelfth Station:箱根ロープウェイ大涌谷駅
We were here to take the world's second longest cable car.

Here you can overlook the special volcanic landscape.

The Thirteenth Station:箱根海賊船 / Hakone Sightseeing Cruise
We took the pirate ship, so we experienced the wind and waves of ten minutes.

The Fourteenth Station:浅草寺 雷門 (Kaminarimon Gate) 

This is a big shrine , and the lively market in here.

The most important , we could see the SKY-TREE.

The Fifteenth Station:東京スカイツリー / Tokyo Skytree
We took the fast elevator to the  450-meter tower.
To see  Tokyo city landscape.

The Sixteenth Station:東京ドームシティ Tokyo Dome City 
Last night, we lived in Tokyo Dome Hotel.

Near Hotel are a small amusement park(後樂園) and a small shopping district.
P.S  a small amusement park is free for into.

It is a pity, Rilakkuma store had closed  when we be there.

In the morning , the store were not yet begun...

So I couldn't to shopping in there ...


You could see this doll  at airport or tourist shops.
The doll has a sweet sound of bell.

The appearance is cute little girl and wear kimono.